Sansa Express: The Shuffle Killer

People shopping for cheap MP3 players often default to the Aplle iPod shuffle because of the ads-and hey, it works with iTunes. But listen up, folks, SanDisk's cool new player costs about $20 less and comes with some slick features the shuffle can't match.

The Sansa Express has a vibrant 1.1-inch OLED screen for menu navigation, a digital FM tuner, and voice recording. And you can upgrade the 1GB storage by adding a microSD card-you can't do that with the shuffle. The Express lets you navigate your music library by artist, song title, and playlist. Also nice is how the left side of the player holds a USB connector that can be covered by a removable cap.

There's no denying that the Sansa Express is a budget purchase. It's not the most amazing music player out there, nor does it claim to be, but what it does, it does perfectly. Without a doubt, this is the new cheap MP3 player to beat.
Sansa Express: $59.99


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