Asus Eee PC Review: This Year Hot Gadget (After iPhone)
What can $400 get you in a laptop? Plenty, if you’re considering the sleek ASUS Eee PC. This is the most expected laptop by computer geek over the world. It is ultra portable laptop computer Eee PC (Eee mean easy to learn, easy to work, and easy to play). To refresh your memory, this laptop is partnership result between Asus and Intel, which addressed for children in poor country.

Besides ultra mini, ultra light, and ultra portable, it is sold with ultra cheap price. Eee PC 701 or 4G is a 7-inch laptop, equal to most TV car size. This laptop has Solid State Disk storage feature or 4 GB flash memorya. This capacity of course can be said small if compared to harddisk storage capacities in other laptop. But it is more shatterproof.

Asus planted Intel Celeron M ULV 353 900 MHz processor with L2 Cache 512 kb memory in this laptop. RAM capacities used are 512 MB DDR2.

Even small, this laptop has been equipped with Wi-Fi 80211 b/g and Ethernet 10/100 megabyte connection. Moreover, Eee PC also has webcam 0,3 megapixel which applicable to do video conference or videochatting.

It can also do video out transfer through analogue CRT port, and three USB ports, which applicable to connect mouse, external DVD ROM, or external harddisk.

Eee PC also provides memory slot for MMC or SD card (4 GB), microphone in line, and headphone in line. ASUS developed its own full-blown OS based on Linux Xandros. Even though, it also compatible with Windows (available soon, though pricing isn’t set yet).

With big icon picture, its interface system is designed so simpel and friendliness. After computer is booting, in less than one minute, the screen directly presents menu entry choice. It’s not provided desktop display, but directly provides menu tabs choice, and remain to provide task bar.

There is Internet menu for internet service facilitys, Work menu to saved programs to work, Learn menu for the learnings application, Play for entertainment, Setting to do configuration setting, and Favourite to saved most applied application.

Internet provides based on web e-mail service like Gmail, Yahoo!, and AOL, Mozilla browser, iGoogle, Pidgin instant message, Skype free VoIP, and Internet Radio. While at Work menu added the OpenOffice application (for text documents, spreadshet, and presentation), PDF Reader, File Manager, Dictionary, and Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail.

At Learn menu is available learning application which looks like game, for English, Mathematics (fraction or Geometri), Paint, and Natural sciences (periodic table and Astronomi). As for in Play menu available the web camera application, voice recorder, games, and media player which can play music, video, and photo.

With a real cheap price, this laptop provides so much usefulness. The battery can life during 2,5 to 3,5 hours. The Eee PC is tremendous bargain for general-purpose computing. A must have product.

Asus Eee PC Review
Price range: $350 - $399

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Anonymous Bare Necessities coupon said ... (4 shkurt 2010 në 2:01 e paradites) : 

I love this netbook.Its the first Netbook with new Intel Atom CPU and fantastic battery life.I like the system's low energy consumption, makes for a great all-day solution for road warriors.Asus covers its laptops with a standard,one-year,parts and labor warranty and it also offers online Web-based help and a toll-free phone number.


Anonymous prepaid mastercard said ... (18 qershor 2010 në 8:01 e pasdites) : 

I like this netbook. This is first Netbook with new Intel atom CPU. This laptops sound system is good. This is a very nice laptop. It's battery is good.


Blogger James Madison said ... (6 korrik 2010 në 5:08 e paradites) : 

Your post was very informative and was a learning experience for me. I am much interested in ASUS Eee PC and about its features. I will definitely keep coming back to read interesting updates about ASUS Eee PC.


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