CD-S2000 & amplifier A-S2000 Reviews: Audio Player Nostalgia

Not only fashion house which able to launch retro product (clothes) or mode which famous in past ten years. Electronic world also has retro model product but in newest technology.

Yamaha infiltrates audio/video market (which dominated with futuristic design or functional minimal product) by presenting compact disk format music player product and MP3 called CD-S2000 and amplifier A-S2000.

Both are coming up with old-fashioned audio deck design; square box body and rigid line. Big and heavy body is decorated with big button and knob. Yamaha designed it with two colour choices (black and silver).

Yamaha seems to aim at the old people market wich wishing having nostalgia with audio/video product during 80”. Even its form like old fashion, both peripherals is paired with newest technology.

This CD-S2000 audio player have been planted with made in Yamaha audio player newest technology. CD-S2000 do not only can play compact disk, but also Super-Audio CD (SACD), newest audio file storage model.

Differed from old-fashioned audio player deck, CD-S2000 majored as player for MP3 and WMA music format. Its digital output is having XLR and Optical/Coaxial connector, which usually used at the audio cable and professional video application.

Disk drive at CD-S2000 is placed symmetrically with the digital music player construction design. Disk drive is laced in the middle. Audio section is placed in right side, while power section is put on the left side. This design also produces weight balance.

For amplifier A-S2000, can produced clear and loud audio through third generation amplification technology from Yamaha, namely Floating Balance & Power Amplifier. This technology makes every channel produce output independently because each of channels gets his own energy.

This amplifier is also designed with symmetrical bowels construction. Its purpose is to produces external vibration and stable and good effect.
Both peripherals, if merged, will present ACD/CD and MP3/WMA audio output with 190 watts per channel at frequency 20-20.000 hertz. Other energy setting is twice of 120 watts at 8 ohm.

The connection among both eliminated interference appearance from other peripheral which transmitting audio system signal. Noise sound which frequently heard at sound system is also get minimize because the amplifier and electrical power source at A-S2000 is separate. The newest amplification technology is also makes this amplifier feedback free.

Even designed for they which wishing having nostalgia at past music player, this peripheral seems only addressed for they who have surplus money. If you wish to get both devices in one package, you must spend $ 3400.

If wish to buy separately, CD-S2000 price is $ 1824. While for A-S2000 is sold at $ 1540. As a start, both peripherals will be launched first time to Japan market at mid of December.

Besides expensive, both peripherals is too heavy. Can you imagine, the CD player has weight 15 kilograms and the amplifier 22,7 kilograms. Amazing!

Dimension: 435 x 465 x 137 milimeters
Output: 20 - 20000 Hertzs
Voice input: 6 line (2 XLR, 4 RCA, and 1 FONO)
Audio input: 2 line
Electric consumption: 220 Watts or a couple of battery dry-cell AA
Weight: 22,7 kilograms
Accessory: Remote control

Dimension: 435 x 440 x 137 milimeters
Audio Player SA-CD, CD, CD-R/RW (MP3/WMA)
Frequency Response: 2 - 50.000 Hz (SACD), 2 - 20.000 Hz (CD)
Harmonic Distortion: 0,0017 % (SACD), 0,002 % or less (CD)
Dinamik Range: More than 110 dB (SACD), more than 100 dB (CD)
SN Ratio (JEITA): More than 116 dB (SACD)
Output Sound: Digital Optical, Digital Coaxial, Analogue XLR, and Analog RCA
Electric consumption: 25 watts or two AA dry-cell batteries

CD-S2000 & amplifier A-S2000 Reviews
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