Nikon D3 Reviews: Nikon Great D-SLR Camera

Since hurly-burly of digital single lens reflect (D-SLR) camera is started around in one last decade, lot of old school photographer still settle with camera film 35 mm. But, camera producer seems not unconcerned. A new Digital SLR camera product always pops out.

Nearing this year end, Nikon launch its newest Digital SLR camera: Nikon D3. This is the new generation of Nikon D1 camera, the first Digital SLR product of the manufacturer which launched 8 year ago.

The camera which allocated for the professional applies 35 mm (36 x 24 mm) full size sensor. Other Digital SLR camera sensor usually only have a size of APS-C (28,1 x 18,7 mm).

Now there are only a few digital cameras having 35 mm sensor. Altogether have premium price, like Canon EOS-1D Mark III and Canon EOS 5D. But, cause do not willing to be compared to the competitors, Nikon adds sophisticated features at Nikon D3.

Like 2 Nikon camera before, D2X and D2Xs, Nikon D3 produces 12,1 million pixels resolution photo. With that big resolution, picture produced can be enlarged until 16 x 20 inches or 40 x 50 cm or two magazine pages with print resolution 300 dpi.

This camera speed is also can be said the highest compared to other Digital SLR camera. In Full Frame (FX) mode, its can take nine pictures per second. As at DX (5,1 megapixel) mode, it can take 11 pictures in one seconds. The ability like this only can be enjoyed through Canon 1D Mark III (10 frame per second) camera. But the resolution of this camera is smaller, only 10 megapixel.

D3 CMOS sensor is also increases sensitivity rate, with reach ISO starts from 200 to 6400. So, picture with low noise can be produced from minimum light condition.

With 14 bits Analog to Digital converter, depth reach and colour characteristic produced is more than before which only 12 bits. Besides, the feature also responsible for smoothing gradation colour and peeps out details which previously unseen.

Multi-CAM 3500FX Autofocus module is more energetically compared to Multi-CAM 2000 Autofocus module at Nikon D2Xs. It has until 51 spot of Autofocus system which still more superior than Canon EOS 1 D Mark III which only can detect 45 spot.

The reason is Nikon D3 equipped with RGB 1005 pixels meter sensor, which can differentiate form, object position and also detects move object in more accurate. This makes it very compatible to apply by athletics photographer, to catch fast move object.

But, its body design do not different from Nikon D2Xs or D2Hs, with size 160 x 157 x 88 mm and weight 1,3 kilograms. Camera which designed by Italdesign (Giorgetto Giugario) provides lens F-mount ring.

Its LCD screen having diagonal 3 inch and 922.000 pixels resolution and viewpoint170º. At Nikon D3 body also available HDMI basis to present picture in high definition screen.

This Shutter camera component made from new Kevlar material (carbon fiber composite), causing has high durability, and can hold out to more than 300.000 take picture cycles. It also had short startup time, 12 ms, mirror blackout 74 ms, and shutter release lag time 41 ms.

Nikon D3 Reviews
Price range: $ 5000

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