Olympus FE-230 Review: Slim and Easy to Use Camera

Olympus FE-230
In a flash, Olympus FE-230 looks similar with Casio Exilim series. It’s because the thin camera body, with wide only around 16,5cm. Though so slim, the camera still felt steady because all of outside body is layered with gleaming metal material. Almost no corner at this camera body so felt comfort when grasped with one hands or when placed in pants pocket.

Olympus FE-230 is supplied with 7,1 megapixel CCD resolutions with maximum picture resolution 3072x2304 pixel (Super HQ) and smallest resolution 640x480 pixel (SQ2). This camera applies lens with size 6,3-18,9 mm (lens measure equivalent 35mm) with optical zoom only 3x. To look at picture and also video, there is available TFT LCD screen 2,5- inchs with 115.000 pixel resolution without existence of viewfinder. As place of data, provided 20 MB internal memory which able to be added with type xD Picture Card external memory which is the special characteristic from Olympus camera.

When turned on, camera requires less than 3 second startup time. Shot interval from 1 photo to other photo spends time around 2 second’s, including slow for fast photo shot. Unusual, FF-230 adds three quick buttons to takes a picture in portrait, landscape, and night portrait setting.

When we test the camera in low light room, FE-230 still gives good enough photo result. If you want, ISO also can be increased to 1250 to get better result. The FE-230 photo quality is good enough including at macro modus even still shows soft colour in all areas. Olympus FE-230 can also function to record video plus voice with AVI format. Happily, the zoom feature still able to be used when recording video.

If you are a newbie photographer, Olympus FE-230 provides 13 scene choices for various conditions like Portrait, Night Scene, Sports, Indoor until Underwater wide and Underwater macro. Although there is exist the setting in under water condition, not mean you may directly apply it in water. For that purpose, you must add additional casing from Olympus.

Olympus FE-230 is the camera which giving many facilities and also various feature, and really ease us when taking photo and video. Its photo quality produced can be said great, though we hope stronger color. As a whole, this is one of camera which offering figure and appealing easy to use.

Olympus FE-230 Short Reviews

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