Sony Ericsson W580i: Music Phone Comes With Sporty

A fusion of two great features in one package surely will produce the perfection. This is what Sony Ericsson tried to present through the newest" Walkman" series: W580i. The collaboration of music and sport cell phone comes up fashionable, and full of entertainment.

Not like the W880i and W200i model which seriously made for the youngster music lover. This new walkman series exactly aims to all people who love music and sport. The stylist designs dedicated to stylish people. The “Walkman” music player gives to the all music lovers. Last but not least is the sporty feature, as sport media and its user vitality watcher.

As alliance product which backed up by many great feature, fairly enough if W580i got more attention than others typical phone.

This Walkman series physical construction is the result of S500i constructed. Starts from the up folder to bottom part are identical with the S500i body.

The slider design and wrapped by plastic material, a typical of Walkman series, felt so frail and not solid. A color light is shines from its navigation button, Walkman logo and also from earpiece hole, one kind with key pad backlight. It’s seen more attractive and fresh. Moreover a dynamic light affect which shines from left and right body side. It’s similar with Siemens M55 and M65.

The line of its alphanumeric keypad it’s similar with S500i, a flat keypad with “diamond” divider between the buttons. The access from every character is soft and comfort. The difference, W580i planted direct button to the Walkman menu, and its loudspeaker not decorated by voice holes anymore.

For W580i user interface, it’s nothing different with the previous product. The screen still TFT with 262 thousand colors. The picture detail is 240 x 320 pixels (QVGA) with diagonal 2 inch width.

With little saturation and brightness color effect, the screen looks more smooth and sharp. Even times you use it under the sun. The presents of "Fitness" new menu become the main focus besides "Walkman" which is the real icon of Sony Ericsson music phone.

The 72 channel polyphonic quality is unquestionable. Format of mp3, wma, m4a, amr and midi file can be free paired as a ring tone, message tone and alarm sound. Moreover, the 3gp and mp4 video clip can be added as a video tone.

The sound quality of the Walkman is without doubt. The song played via loudspeaker heard so thunderous. It’s louder than W880i and W200. So also when the volume set to maximum level, the output voice still heard great. But in my opinion, Nokia 6110 Navigators still win if compared to the W580i.

Similar with other Walkman series, W580i also figures in equalizer with Mega Bass effect and Widening stereo. The result more felt if heard via headset stereo, which is available in sale package.

The "Shake Control" feature in W580i adds the new color of Sony Ericsson Walkman technology. You don’t have to enter to playlist for simply changing song, just shake the phone while push the Walkman shortcut button. The song will automatically change, with the vibration sign before.

"Fitness" features useful to control condition of body including daily activity. For example how many calories have been burned in a day, the distance gone through until your total step. Altogether rely on motion sensor, similar with music player "Shake Control". The result is directly calculated and can be displayed quickly. The unique, total step which has been gone through can be displayed in the phone screen with “shoe step" icon emerging in bottom left corner of screen.

For the camera, similar with W880i and W810i, W580i powered with 2 megapixel camera. The support facility refers to S500i model, minus autofocus, macro mode and flash lamp. The viewfinder is only having portrait mode, without landscape choices. Compare it to W610i which have been supported with two modes.

The W580i connection line its not complete if compared to W610i. There's only Bluetooth v2.0 and USB data cable. Happily, the W580i Bluetooth has supported A2DP (Advanced audio Distribution Profile), what enables the song from Walkman can be listened via Bluetooth headset.

The WAP 2.0 browser and NetFront and also supported by GSM quad band network, W580i ready to open WAP/WEB page with smooth and perfect. Even the display can refer to smart fit format. Mean, internet site can be organized for full screen display. Landscape mode thus other choice to browsing the Internet.

W580i has 12 MB internal memory. For alternative is available Memory Stick Micro (M2) card slot.

Many new things you can get from this phone. Besides the powerful Walkman Player, 2 Megapixel camera, additional memory slot and also complete entertainment feature such as Sporty feature (Fitness) and “Shake Control” technology.

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Comments on "Sony Ericsson W580i: Music Phone Comes With Sporty"


Anonymous James said ... (15 prill 2009 në 3:43 e paradites) : 

I have the W580i. It is a great phone! It is slim, has a very good camera and it is very light-weighted. I love it! I've heard about the keyboard cracking but if you take care of your phone, it won't happen at all.


Anonymous dsi r4 said ... (16 dhjetor 2009 në 9:30 e pasdites) : 

I hv w580i its highly amezing and very comfirtable. whatever i want options thats all including this phone..I thanks to SONY ERICSSION........


Anonymous Anonim said ... (5 shkurt 2010 në 5:02 e paradites) : 

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