Nokia LD-4W: Slim GPS Module

Navigation feature bases Global Positioning System (GPS) technology now becoming the hottest discussion. Even now, some popular cell phone vendor for example Nokia it’s also has been planted with this location tracker ability. Unhappily, this feature will work maximum if it’s sited side by side with special GPS receiver (module). One of it is GPS MODULE LD-4W from Nokia.

Nokia LD-4W designs its similar with mostly Bluetooth headset, tiny and ergonomic. But the ability is absolutely different. This bluetooth gadget main duty is as a navigation information line, started from mapping up to way traffic.

The pairing ability is unquestionable, various cell phone types it’s connectable with fast and smooth including “Nokia Maps”. As Bluetooth connection indicator, power and battery status, LD-4W planted LED lamp with color indicator.

The gadget weight only 31 gram, with metallic and black color cover. With ion lithium battery support its able to supply the power up to 10 hours standby.

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