Verizon Wireless Coupe Review: Phone for Seniors Is Seriously Flawed

Verizon Wireless Coupe
An easy-to-use, streamlined phone designed to get senior citizens into the cell realm is a great idea, but this attempt from Verizon Wireless misses the mark. Inflicting this confusing handset on anyone, old or young, is a bad idea.

The most prominent feature of the Coupe, a basic but slender flip phone, are three programmable speed-dial keys mysteriously labeled “T”,“C”, and “E”, Together, they’re supposed to stand for “ in case of emergency,” but they’re just plain cryptic. Even the Coupe’s supposedly simplified menu system didn’t impress me: It was often slow and lagged behind my key presses. Frankly, Verizon’s default menu system is already simple enough. While both displays are readable, the phone doesn’t default to large fonts or high-contrast menus, which should be standard in a phone built for the bifocal crowd.

Voice performance was adequate, if unremarkable, with a fine earpiece but a too-quiet speakerphone. There’s no Bluetooth support, but there is a headset lack, and voice dialing lets you dial names rather than numbers. At least the keys are large, and there are dedicated 911 and speakerphone buttons. Still, in my view, older folks would be happier with a phone like Samsung’s simpler-to-use Jitterbug.

Price range
Verizon Wireless Coupe: $19.99 with contract

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Anonymous Looking for affordable printer said ... (18 maj 2011 në 9:44 e paradites) : 

We got my grandma this phone for Christmas and your review is right on because it confused the heck out of her AND she complained that she could never see it. Just adding an "amen."


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