AT&T Tilt/HTC 8925 Review: The Master of Microsoft Mobile Devices

AT&T Tilt/HTC 8925
Here’s a beefy chunk of portable computing that plays up Windows Mobile’s multimedia and messaging strengths to lead the pack in the current field of Microsoft smartphones.

A 400-MHz Qualcomm processor, 125MB of storage memory, and 101MB of program memory let this versatile device handle aggressive Windows Mobile applications with aplomb, but it standout feature is its tilting screen. Set the Tilt down on a table and it transforms into a mobile music or video player (especially when paired with SlingPlayer Mobile). Built-in Wi-Fi and global roaming 3G cellular ensure sufficient data speeds.

The Tilt has the best messaging options of any Windrows Mobile phone yet, with two e-mail program and an IM application supporting AIM, Windows Live, and Yahoo! on board. This is also the first Windows Mobile phone to come with BlackBerry Connect, which works-but I can’t recommend it, as it slows this usually fast device to a crawl.

Internal GPS runs with the for-pay TeIeNav service, and a 3-megapixel camera takes sharp, if washed-out, shots. Yes, it’s a phone too: Voice quality is rock solid, with very good reception and an unusually loud speakerphone. All of these features make the Tilt an excellent mobile office, especially if you use an Exchange server or Windows Media Player.

Price range
AT&T Tilt/HTC 8925: $549.99; $299.99 with two year contract

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