Moto Q9h: Prosumer New Smartphone

Motorola introduces its newest smartphone, Motto Q9h. This product aims to all prosumer which always close to online activity.

Prosumer is a consumer circle which has been expert in using a mobile peripheral. Usually, people which have entered this category always connected to virtual life everywhere and anywhere, including in home. It’s so different with ordinary consumer which using a cellphone as of phone and sms only.

With presence of this product, Motorola tries to attract computer user which online active in home to go mobile applies this smartphone. The reason, all feature presented in Moto Q9h is claimed able to bring virtual life in its user pocket.

With Windows Mobile 6

Differs from its previous product, this product have been equiped with Windows Mobile 6 platform. With this peripheral, user can do push e-mail, browsing, download, streaming video.

To downloading a song, claimed only requires time six seconds without using computer at all (10 kb song I thing )

This Smartphone has 125 grams weight, 67 x 118 x 11, 8 mm dimension and equipped with 2 Megapixel camera. Motorola said Moto Q9h price is in the range of $400 - $ 450

Price range
Moto Q9h: $400 - $ 450

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