Canon Xeed SX60: High Class Technology

From many various projector technology choices, LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) can be called as best technology in the case of quality. This technology applies liquid crystal layer like LCD technology, but shows the picture based on bound like LDP technology. This way merges excess at the same time eliminates lacking of LCD technology and LDP. Projector bases on LCD so accurate in color, but because consisted of pixels, will produce matrix pixel which its form like nets light. While LDP technology fails in accurate of the color, but can yield smooth picture. Because the combination of both technologies, LCOS can produce the greatest picture.

Canon also applies this LCOS technology at their newest projector, Xeed SX60. Besides usage of high class technology, Xeed SX60 also is equipped with other great specification; SXGA+ resolution (1400pixel x 1050 pixel), 2500 ANSI powered lamp, and optical with 1,7x zoom ability. No wonder if this projector have really luxurious price, which is $ 3900.

But can be said that the price good match for quality given. When we are testing it with Eizo Test software, this projector can produce satisfying quality. Primary color accuration like red, yellows, and blue seen accurate, so also the secondary color like purple, green, and orange. Its sharpness nor disappoints, seen from its ability presenting small size text. The weakness is in its contrast ratio, because only can differentiate black gradation between 18-21% (compares to InFocus IN-36 which able to differentiate between 15-18%). But the number actually has been above the average, so that in quality XEED SX60 is one of best projector which we tested.

We also likes its lens which having zoom ability until 1,7x. Its make this projector can produce big picture projection though in short distance. When we try it at around 3 meters distance, the picture which produce reaches 154 x 115 cm. This shows XEED SX60 also able to be applied even in a small space.

With the price range at $ 3900, Canon Xeed SX60 of course is not for standard usage. This projector more compatibly if you applied it for big sized meeting space or when you wish to build your home cinema.

Price range
Canon Xeed SX60: $3900

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