IrisCard Pro: Biz-card Scanning to go

Exchanging business cards is part of daily business routine for many of us. If you're someone who tends to accumulate a lot of them, you need some way to manage them. The IRIS IrisCard Pro stands ready to meet that need.

The hardware side of the IrisCard Pro package is a portable, 600-ppi color scanner that weighs just 7 ounces and powered by USB cable. Of course, the heart of any business card scanning package is the software. Cardiris 3.5 score well on making scanning reasonably painless. You can check the accuracy after each scan or set the unit to automatic.

I found the automatic setting far easier for scanning stack of cards, since it let me feed cud after card as quickly as if the scanner had an automatic document feeder. Unfortunately, Cardiris does not score well on accuracy. It made at least one mistake on more than half of the cards in our standard card set and on the vast majority of cards in our hard-to-read card set.

If you want a business card scanner that's small enough to sit unobtrusively on your desk or carry with you on the go, the IrisCard Pro can do the job reasonably well. Just don't plan on using it for anything else.

IrisCard Pro: $199.99

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