LeapFrog FLY Fusion Pentop Computer: Take Notes a New Way

So much more than a pen, this unique study tool not only digitizes your handwritten notes and converts them to editable text, it can also do simple math calculations, offer homework help, create virtual flash cards, carry out basic language translation, and even record and play music.

In order to operate, the pen has a camera at its tip that interacts with the included notebook's special FLY Fusion paper. Be careful, though, because it's easy to turn the pen off accidentally. The device also sports a mini USB port to recharging its battery and transferring files, including MP3s, to and from your PC. The syncing process, however, isn't the most intuitive I've seen.

One notable feature is the ability to draw your own applications and interact with them right on the page. The pen literally talked me through the process of drawing a playable 13-key keyboard. There are simply scads of applications for this device: For example, it can be used as a Spanish word translator.

Not just for kids but for anyone who must regularly take notes, the FLY Fusion is a convenient and affordable alternative to a laptop or tablet PC.

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