Sophisticated Umbrella Can Forecast the Weather

Sophisticated Umbrella developed by Ambient Devices, a company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, what is founded since 2001 to commerce the research product of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab. Ambient Devices, which experienced integrate the information from Internet to various electronics product, installing radio signal receiver appliance on umbrella hilt. The appliance accepts the data from weather forecast site,, through the city Wi-fi network.

The umbrella nowadays not only good at rain fall moment, but also remind its owner about the weather forecast in the stand up place and various other region. The Umbrella hilt equipped by the electronics peripheral that presenting the data of 150 US big city weather forecast.

If forecasted that the rain will be come in about 12 hour, umbrella hilt will flame. If the lamp is flicker slowly its mean rainy, but if flick very quickly mean will come the storm.

" You can put this umbrella near the door, in umbrella place, and when you went to go out, the umbrella will give you advise whether you require to bring it or not". The electronics appliance of the umbrella operated with battery energy and its service have to be activated subscribed. Price of every unit it’s about US $140.

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