Griffin Journi: Looks Good, Sounds Bad

The problems with the travel speaker setup from Griffin are pretty fundamental. First, the Journi distorts at low levels, even on acoustic songs. Second, it has almost no bass. This despite the device's inclusion of SRS Lab’s WOW technology, which is supposed to produce “an expanded sound stage and deep, rich bass.”

The Journi’s design, however, is quite attractive. My favorite touch is the black leather that wraps around the dock when the device is not in use and acts as a kickstand when it’s on. At just 6.5 by 10 by 1.3 inches, the Journi is easy to pack into your suitcase, too also, a remote attaches magnetically to the speaker grilles, so you’ll never lose it.

The rated rechargeable lithium ion battery life per charge is about 8 to 10 hours, but I squeezed 16.5 hours out of it on my tests. Of course, to get the best from the battery your iPod must be fully charged.

Put simply, the Journi looks sexy but sounds bad. Buy it only if you're looking for something stylish and audio performance isn't really a concern.

Griffin Journi: $129.99

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