iSkin Cerulean RX & TX Combo: Remote- Control Your Tunes

Here’s a combo device for iPods that's really an excellent concept. It consists of a lightweight, tiny transmitter (TX) that connects to your iPod and a receiver (RX) that connects to any almost iPod dock for wireless music transmission within a range of 65 feet or so.

The real allure of the Cerulean is that the iPod now becomes its own remote, and you can avoid the lousy, screen-less controllers that come with so many docks. Navigate and play tracks as you normally would, but now music will pump out of your speakers wirelessly. The trade-off, as is usual with tunes over Bluetooth, is mediocre audio that distorts in the high frequencies. On a positive note, the Cerulean is not jut for iPod- an included USB Cable lets you stream music from your computer to the iPod speaker dock, as well. Setup is a piece of cake.

Is this the easiest way to navigate your iPod during your backyard BBQ? You bet, if you and your guests can live with less-than-stellar sound.

iSkin Cerulean RX & TX Combo: $149.99

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Anonymous New Electronic Gadgets Guru said ... (2 janar 2009 në 7:30 e pasdites) : 

Thank you for introducing such an awesome and featured gadget item.


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