iLoad: Feeds iPods Sans PC

Maybe it sounds crazy, but I’m sure there are a few folks out there who want to reap the benefits of owning an iPod without messing with a computer. For these technologically shy individuals, there's the iLoad Wingspan.

The concept is simple. Just load CDs directly onto the iLoad and it will transfer them to your iPod, eliminating that pesky middleman, the PC (and i Tunes). During setup, the iLoad requires you to install software onto your iPod. It takes just 6 minutes to do so from the provided CD, but for some reason the software rearranged my iPod's artist menu. Now I can no longer find The Knife under K; all artist names that begin with the word The reside under T.

Loading is easy. Insert a CD into the iLoad and follow the instructions on the device's LCD screen. An Ethernet port on the back can be used to retrieve song information from the internet (if none is embedded in the CD files), but you'll need a connection that requires no password authentication.

Though the iLoad works pretty well, it’s worth buying only for someone who doesn't own a computer.
iLoad: $299


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Anonymous mens electronic gadgets said ... (2 janar 2009 në 7:23 e pasdites) : 

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