Transcend T.sonic 820 Another Review

Transcend T.sonic 820
Its face is alike a candybar cellphone. This impression strenghtened with the presents of 9 control button in front panel. Tombol + for example, push it if you wish to increase volume. While to activate Transcend T.sonic 820, you must push the left under button.

When turned on, in its bright screen appears the information of remaining capacities. The T.sonic 820 feature is very completes: play music (MP3, WMA, WMA DRM) plus with lyric, records voice, photo /picture and text displays, records FM radio, play video, and presents clock in real time (RTC- Real Time Clock). Record MP3 directly from other source is also supported. For this last activity we need to apply line-in cable which available from buy package.

When functioning as voice recorder, T.sonic 820 offering one better-quality. The voice of course still be recorded in WAV format (ADPCM), but T.sonic 820 can be automatically stops record activity when doesn't detect voice. This VAD (Voice Activation Detection) feature is good for economizing memory capacity, but would be useless if we did record in noises room.

Unhappily when enjoys video (must be converted to MTV format) and also reads e-book, T.sonic 820 is not good enough. Its screen is undersize for Video. On the contrary happen when I read e-book. Its not available the choice to minimize text size which making I don’t enjoy to reads big sized text that presented per four lines but cut to pieces because present per 14 characters.

Fortunately T.sonic 820 is great in music /sound. Voice flown via the earphone can sway uour ear. More, the player can make our favorite songs playlist.

When we nonstop playing MP3 song at strong volume, built-in battery which attached in backside unit (can be seen with opening covers) can work during 10 hours 51 minutes 9 second. While when play video, its age is shorter: 6 hour 15 minutes 33 seconds. With a note, the battery has been full charged via USB connection during 4 hour 34 minutes.

Its slim body makes Transcend T.sonic 820 which has 1,93GB free memory is comfort to carry. Its complete music feature: supports lyric and playlist, and can present real time clock. Unfortunately its data transfer performance is not so fast and only supports single task. Transcend T.sonic 820 available in white (2GB) and black (4GB) color.

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Anonymous Pool Tables said ... (24 gusht 2011 në 2:03 e paradites) : 

Though competition for transcend in mobile market.


Blogger Ram Chauhan said ... (8 maj 2017 në 4:59 e paradites) : 

Thank you for this post. Its very informative.... Thanks for sharing.
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