Iriver Mplayer: Mickey Mouse MP3 player

There is lot of new released MP3 player product with unique form, starting from box form, triangle till imitate the certain character. One of them is Iriver Mplayer. The design concept of this made in Korea MP3 player adopt the Disney icon cartoon character, Mickey Mouse.

This small MP3Player have 3 cm diameter, with 17 gram weight. So, this Mplayer look tinier compared to ping-pong ball. It’s suitable to use as accessories like a necklace. Even its tiny, you can count on the Mplayer ability. File of MPEG1/2/2,5 layer 3, WMA, ASF, MP3 And WMA is fluent to play on. It’s also supported by 'SRS WOW HD' equalizer, which capable to produce the best output sound.

These music players do not provide the button access to play the song. It’s changed by feature called "twist" mode. With little bit turning around the “mouse” left ear, you can change the volume level. The Right ear functioned to arrange song track (next track / previous track). For rewind/ fast forward the song which being listened, you can turn and hold the right ear for a few moments.

For play / pause function, you have to restart this player with the 5 second interval while you turn on the player or 1 second when turn off. Mplayer have the indicator lamp to shows on/ off status, which placed at left side of the “mouse” head.

Mplayer rely on the Lithium Polymer battery as the power source. The Energy refilling relies on the USB connector. For once charge time its able to supply 8 hours MP3 player life.


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Blogger Anu said ... (26 shkurt 2009 në 7:02 e paradites) : 

thanxxx a lot i bought a mp3 player but it was not starting...ur post helped me thanx a tonnnnnnn


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