Wowwee Roboquad: An Odd but Perceptive Droid

With four legs, a body like a 1970s airport terminal, and a longish neck topped off with a flat head, Wowwee 's new Roboquad Confounds and confuses, but ultimately wins you over.

At 14 inches call, the 3-pound Roboquad looks insect-like. It comes with a remote that lets you control movement and, to some degree, the bot’s mood. The Roboquad operates in four different modes-Default, Activity, Aggression, and Awareness- each affecting how the bot walks, sounds, and reacts to stimuli. Auditory input is registered on a single microphone, and the Roboquad's two "eyes" actually house an infrared receiver in one and an infrared transmitter in the other.

In my testing, the Roboquad did a fair job of seeing obstacles. But instead of avoiding them outright, it usually got within an inch or so before backing off and trying an alternate route.

The Roboquad's lack of resemblance to anything living- at home or in nature-makes it something of in oddity; nor is it the cheapest robot toy on the block. But for those who seek an unusual plaything, it satisfies.

Wowwee Roboquad: $99

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