Intellitouch EOS Wireless: A Budget Home Broadcaster

Sonos’s zone player, the premier wireless multiroom home audio system, costs $1,000-speakers- not included. Most people can't spend that kind of money on a stereo system. IntelliTouch sees an opening here; the company is betting that the same basic concept (albeit with far fewer flourishes) selling at a fraction of the price could be very, very popular.

The Eos Wireless setup ships with an iPod dock armed with a membrane-button remote and a single wireless stereo speaker unit. You can purchase additional speakers for $150 apiece. Keep in mind that there's a 20-ms delay between the music originating at the dock and the receiving speakers. When a Range Ex switch is activated, that delay becomes 64 ms, allowing the receiving units more time to pick up dropped bits of information.

With a rated range of 150 feet using GigaWave technology, the Eos sounds like an excellent deal, but design flaws, a very limited remote and a decidedly bass- free audio performance will leave many listeners frustrated. Strangely, the receiving unit sounds better than the dock itself. In both scenarios, however, the bass is sorely lacking.

In its defense, the Eos will surely rock your next outdoor party. I just don’t recommend having it as your default home audio system.

Intellitouch EOS Wireless:
$300 – core speaker system;
$150 for additional speakers.


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