Sprint Mogul by HTC (PPC-6800): A Smartphone Upgrade

Bombarded by all that phone hype, you may have missed this powerful handset. Extremely useful, it syncs with Microsoft Exchange, runs thousands of Windows Mobile apps, and plays Windows Media DRM music, too.

The Mogul may have arrived quietly, but it makes a lot of noise in terms of features. With its 400-MHz processor, EV-DO (Rev 0, not the faster RevA), and Wi-Fi networking, plus the pepply new Windows Mobile 6, it’s the fastest all-around handheld running on the Sprint network. That said, Windows Mobile is a heavy 0S, and I saw some delays in screen redrawing. A crazy array of hard buttons (including a full, if mushy, slide-out QWERTY keyboard) gives you one-touch access to many functions.

Battery life was very good and phone reception adequate, but phone sound quality was middling: The earpiece is clear, but I was disappointed by the microphone. The 2-megapixel camera has plenty of scene modes, but serious blur problems appear in low light. It also often blew out bright areas,

Since all of Sprint's other handhelds are beginning to look outdated. 1 recommend the Mogul for anyone seeking tight connections to Exchange servers or Windows Media Player. It could definitely feel faster and sleeker, but it's the best the carrier has at the moment.

Sprint Mogul by HTC (PPC-6800): $549.99; $399.99


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