Fujitsu Lifebook U1010: Combination of Notebook, Handheld, and Tablet PC

It is notebook, it is tablet PC, and it’s also handheld. The newest product from Fujitsu is small and equipped by all above product features so properly if conceived as 3 in 1 ultramobile PC.

Likely as a notebook, the product which named Lifebook U1010 is equipped by standard QWERTY keyboard. But, it's also equipped by touch screen which can be used in tablet PC time. The angle of the screen can be turned and bended. You also can use it as a handheld because it’s available an Origami application feature which provide virtual keyboard that can be controlled by two hand thumb.

The Origami feature also provides the amenity for you to access and play music and video file. Especially when functioned as a handheld, enjoying the entertainment become easier and pleasing.

This peripheral also supports the office application which needed to support the work. With the operating system of Windows Vista, all PC application can be installed here.

Lifebook U1010 represent the first product of Fujitsu developed with the concept of UMPC (Ultramobile PC) and have been equipped by Origami application which developed by Microsoft and a number of vendor since 2006. This product claimed as smallest UMPC in the world today with the 171 millimeter x 133 millimeter x 26, 5 millimeter dimension. The screen only 5, 6 inch and weight about 610 gram.

This product equipped by Intel Ultra Mobile platform 2007 A110 800 MHZ processor, 512 L2 cache, 400 MHZ FSB, DDR2 400 MHZ 1 gigabyte memory, 40 gigabyte hardisk, Ethernet connection, Bluetooth, and wireless, fingerprint sensor, and also 0,3 megapixel camera.

Fujitsu Lifebook U1010: $1988

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