LG KU250: 3G for All, Great Feature for All

After passing excessively test and selection of 3G campaigns, twelve world cellular operators which merged into GSM Association, finally gives “3G for all” title for LG KU250. 3G cellphone which have value price and supported by third generation multimedia feature and beating other 19 same typical cellphone from 8 registered vendors.

Like other low-end cellphone, LG KU250 also looks in “too simple” design. Black plastic casing which covering candy bar design make the LG KU250 looks cheap. So different with other LG KU series that almost presents attractive design. We can see it in KU800 and KU970.

The cellphone interface uses rubber for the keypad, its construction similar with KG270, little bit close and conspicuous. This kind of keypad model is uncomfortable for your finger. The unique, in the right corner of cellphone there is a VGA camera for make a videocall.

LG cellphone with KU250_v10b software version is supplied by Qualcomm chipset, manufacturer which supply many processors for technology (3G/CDMA) cellphone. Its proper if LG KU250 can operate in third generation (3G/UMTS) network, accompanies the GSM triband network.

For quality of the screen, LG KU250 equals with some its seniors including "Shine" family: KE770 and KG970. The screen use 262.000 color matrix active layer, 176 x 220 pixel picture resolution which forms in 1,76 inch area. It’s quite wide and bright

The user interface display is still adopting LG "Shine" concept. We will be offered with grid formation menu, but with more formation (3 x 4). So there are 12 menu choices come up, and represented by animation effect icon. More, we also can arrange the formation in the list form.

Even true its a cheap cellphone, LG KU250 has been armed by "Omnivision OV9650" 1,3 megapixel camera, with maximum picture resolution at 1280 x 960 pixel. The camera quality is equal with KE770 camera and some other LG senior’s series. Many cameras supporting feature also planted, like the color effect, white balance and lot mores. Unhappily, KU250 cameras do not have flash lamp and autofocus ability,
The photo results from KU250 camera of course do not as good as Sony Cyber-Shot cellphone, for example K550i. Moreover for indoor photo shot, the result seen less focuses and tends to blur.

For outdoor, KU250 camera can produce better quality, especially in supportive light condition. The photo looks like natural, light and color also real and satisfied. The camera response when take at picture is noted quickly.

Besides for photograph, KU250 camera also functioned as a camcorder. The file format is 3gp, with 1 hour duration maximum record. Long enough for save your important moment. LG KU250 has two resolution choices; 128 x 96 pixels or 176 x 144 pixels (QCIF). Even standard, the result of the video record is pleasing.

LG KU250 of course does not be positioned as a multimedia cellphone, but many various feature remain too figured in. There is music and video player, unhappily minus of FM radio. Various music formats can be played smoothly, for example; AAC, AAC+, MP3, WMA, m4a, WAV, AMR, MIDI. All of them can be set as ringtone. When listened via internal loudspeaker you will say it’s an average sound quality. Other things when you tried it with headset stereo, it will satisfy your ear.

For the video player, KU250 figures in standard player. 3gp Clip and mp4 (MPEG4) can be displayed nicely. Its display can be positioned landscape as well as portrait, and can be displayed in full screen.

As alternative entertainment there are two games which provided that is Chequered flag and Mini Game World.

LG KU250 offers facility for connected to the internet. Only with little setting, you can browse the internet directly from your cellphone. Or you can make it as internet modem for PC. These feature because the 3G/UMTS data channel support which side by side with GPRS class 10. The result, speed of data which send and receive can be reach until 384 kbps.

About connectivity, KU250 only provide data cable port and Bluetooth v.20. Happily, the performance of two connection media can you count on. Even, Bluetooth KU250 has been planted by A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) technology, which enables the music can be heard via compatible Bluetooth headset.

LG KU250 has 10 MB internal memory. But don’t be afraid, it’s also available the microSD (Transflash) memory card slot addition.

Technology support from 3G and 1,3 megapixel camera plus the other great features makes LG KU250 to become a great cellphone because its cheap price. Unhappily, the construction and material which wrap this cellphone looks not so impressing, also its simple designs.

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Anonymous r4i software said ... (17 dhjetor 2009 në 5:39 e paradites) : 

This phone is perfect.mine has opera mini.i downloaded it to my PC,then after i sent it to my phone by USB.


Anonymous best buy cellphones said ... (18 gusht 2010 në 7:09 e pasdites) : 

This phone looks really simple, but elegant. I am a bit of a minimalist these days, and I bet owning one of the best buy cellphones like this one would suit my day.


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