Sony Ericsson P1: P Series Revolution

Many people assume that Symbian UIQ is identical with Sony Ericsson P series (P800, P900, P910 and P990). People easily forget about M600 and W950, particularly with the UIQ smartphone made by other vendor for example Motorola. The assumption it’s possible, because by the P series, UIQ find it’s glorious.

Now P1 series has come. Some people say it as a fusion between P990 with M600. The reason, P1 series designs no longer look big and fat like previously P series family, but it’s also not even thin like M600. The result, a smartphone dimension which more tolerant, so closing with Sony Ericsson W950.

In fact the P1 is made with minimalist concept. It’s no longer with demountable QWERTY keyboard addition and bothering dimension. P1 definitely looks more like a cellphone.

The simplicity is expressed through widely candy bar shapes which almost without extreme or unnecessary stand out. You can say good bye to bended able QWERTY keyboard and please welcome to M600 keyboard.

In one sides, the keyboard changes its enough to help the user. But on the other side, you also must deal with odd QWERTY button which requiring more time to be accustomed. As like M600, one keyboard buttons represents two and 3 different character. It’s absolutely unique, but much better compared to previously P series keyboard.

Symbian OS V9.1 UIQ 3.0 made as basis operation of this cellphone system. As you knows, this OS type also applied by W950 and M600. Symbian OS V9.1 UIQ 3.0 is the newest OS from Symbian UIQ and also gives enough space to third party software’s, including application and game.

If compared to newest Symbian S60 cellphone from Nokia, P1 of course are inferior form the hardware side. Processor applied is Nexperia NX4008 which based on ARM9 with 208 MHZ clock speed. Compare it with Nokia N95 which using OMAP2420 and based on ARM11 with 330 MHZ clock speed.

But it doesn't mean that P1 loose. P1 RAM still twofold better than N95, which is 128 MB. Others, between the features which available with the hardware which use seem balance in P1. There is no problem.

Compared to the older series product, the 3,2 megapixel digital camera feature absolutely more superior. With fine auto focus feature plus faster photo acceleration, we can equal the P1 with other great ordinary digital camera.

The arrangement of photograph can be say the same like the CyberShot camera. Complete and easy enough to be accessed with jog dial. Unhappily, the video records feature not as good as the digital camera special ability. It related with the limited picture resolution (320 x 480 pixel, QVGA) and low frame rate.

The P1 digital music player looks interesting. Like the other digital music player, this player can do file sorting based on certain categories, including make different playlist feature.

The Player supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, E-AAC+, WAV and M4A file format. To give better tone at output sound, you can use equalizer feature which also figures the Big Bass like the W series cellphone.

For connectivity and Internet, P1 almost has all data channel types. There is USB data cable, A2DP Bluetooth, infrared, WIFI and of course 3G (WCDMA). But compared with the price, all features seem not comparable. Compared to Nokia N95, it’s already accommodated HSDPA (3,5G) feature to get better internet speed.

Others, WIFI technology applied only added at 802.11b. Usually, the cellphones which equipped with WLAN ability (including PDA) has accommodated 802.11 b and g type. This thing will limit the P1 to available WIFI network type. If you apply P1 as a modem, Sony Ericsson has provided special application which easy to be applied. The application included in PC Suite package and called as Mobile Networking Wizard. P1 applies the Opera browser complete with ready to use RSS reader.

The energy support released by Lithium Polymer BST-40 battery with 1120 mAh capacities will assist P1 to keep life during 3 day in once time charging. But with extreme usage, you only use the gadget during 1 until 1,5 days only.

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