Hacker Free the iPhone

Spend more than 500 hours with gallons of energy drink bring the separate satisfaction for George Hotz (17), Glen Rock New Jersey (US) youngster.

Hotz succeed unlock the most popular touchsreen phone, iPhone. He actually make the iPhone can working with another phone operator besides the AT & T, the official operator of the Apple Inc high-tech phone product.

" Some of my friend tell me that I’m too much waste my time this summer, but I feel that all paid,” said Hotz to The Record of of Bergen Country. Hotz confesses that to unlock the iPhone is not easy an easy job. Hotz said that he did all process with solder and software help. Wrong step in the process can make the iPhone not work at all.

But the hard work from Hotz is worth it. The 4GB smartphone can run with any GSM operator in any country. In eBay, till Friday (24/8), the iPhone offered at US$12.600. The new iPhone are sold at US$499 price in all market in United States.

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Anonymous mbt trainers said ... (12 qershor 2010 në 12:06 e paradites) : 

That's cool.I have heard so many hacking issues of iphone from my friends,but all those problems will come to an end now on words.


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