Wowwee Robopanda: An Unbearably Cute Bot

You’ve got to give WowWee credit for reaching. Its Robopanda may not exactly be the robot companion of your dreams, but it is, in some crucial ways, the most sophisticated bot WowWee has ever rolled off the assembly line.

Weighing in at roughly 8 pounds with four AA and six C batteries, the toddler-size Panda-like robot toy “wakes up” when you turn it on and talks in a childlike mice. Invisible touch sensors are located on its head, stomach, back, hands, and feet. And believe me, you’ll want to touch the Robopanda (which it constantly and somewhat creepily asks you to do) because it's adorable. Its black and white body is quite animated: The Robopanda can move its arms, legs, head, rubber ears, and eyebrows. Sadly, it's not built crawling.

1 had both a two-year-old and a six-year-old play with the Robopanda. The two-year-old was intrigued, but grew bored and left the room. The six-year-old sat rooted in front of the Robopanda and responded to its every request, often answering it verbally. When I asked, "So you like it?" she nodded quickly, grinning ear-to-ear. In the end, I feel the same way.

Wowwee Robopanda: $169


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