Sprint Muziq LX570: This Music Sells For a Song

No, it's not an iPhone, but for sprint subscribers it’s the best music phone yet. And it sells for one-fifth the price of Apples fancy device.

The Muziq syncs with Windows Media Player and lets you drag-and-drop AAC, MP3, and WMA music files onto the device via a USB cable. Sprint's own music store charges a reasonable 99 cents per song over the air, in case you can't wait until you get home to buy music. Once you have your music loaded, you can play it over Bluetooth, wired headphones, or even a nearby FM radio using the main keypad or the touch-sensitive buttons on the outside of the phone. Sprint's music-playing application is painfully basic, so although the Muziq supports 4GB memory cards, it's hard to find individual songs if you have more than 100 or so on board.

The Muziq also has an honest-to-goodness Web browser (though you can use Opera Mini if you like), a pretty good e-mail client with an attractive tabbed interface that alerts you when new messages arrive, and a mediocre 1.3-megapixel camera. As a phone, the Muziq is just okay, with good earpiece volume and not-so-great reception.

For $100 with contract, that’s a pretty good mix of features for users who want to go beyond basic voice calling.

Sprint Muziq LX570: $299.99

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