MOTOROLA RIZR Z3: Great and Simple Cell phone

Here's a solid cell phone that offers good voice quality and a powerful camera-and is good enough all around to be our Editor's Choice for a feature phone on T-Mobile. It's a great option if you don't need a smarthphone.

The screen is easily readable in sunlight, and the handset's keys, although small, give pleasingly tactile cues. Reception and sound quality are spot-on, voice dialing is excellent, and the Z3 uses Motorola's new-style improved phone book. I'm also glad to report that voice dialing is provided by the superb, no-training-needed VoiceSignal suite. The 2MP Camera is also a pleasant surprise: It takes sharp, well-balanced pictures.

What's the downside? Well, a slow ARM7 processor makes for a poky user interface and applications (you'll never want to open the WAP browser). Third-party applications that try to access the Internet end up festooned with obnoxious prompts, as well. The Z3 has a very basic music player that's slow to load. This phone isn't for the cutting-edge crowd-users who want a handheld computer. But it's our Editor's Choice as a sensible T-Mobile voice phone offering a hint of multimedia.



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Anonymous nintendo dsi r4 said ... (17 dhjetor 2009 në 7:55 e pasdites) : 

Nice mobile wide clear sound and nice quality of cam with great flash also good as ststus symbol m using it from last 2 years.


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