Palm Treo 755P: Smart but Showing Its Age

Though still a good handheld, Palm's latest Treo runs a fading, elderly OS and doesn't do much to update the previous Treo 700p. The 755p is essentially a 700p in a smaller case. To be fair, it does lack the antenna stub and uses miniSD rather than full-size SD memory cards. Everything else id left pretty much unchanged.

The Palm OS is still tremendously easy to use, and Palm's HotSync system still reliably syncs with Microsoft Outlook and the free Palm Desktop application on both PCs and Macs. The Blazer Web Browser and the VersaMail e-mail program are starting to look a little old, though, and the built-in camera produces dim, unsaturated shots. The 755p will attract folks looking to use Palm's thousands of niche freeware applications- or just to have a flexible and easy-to-use smartphone.

Even so, a new crop of smartphones, including the BlackBerry Curve for Cingular, equal the Treo on ease of use and outmatch it on some aspects of media savvy. Also, Windows Mobile handhelds outclass the Treo in terms of sheer power.
Palm Treo 755P: $429.99


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Palm Treo 755p Review
is Palm-based smartphone with 320x320 touch display.


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