Kodak Easyshare V1003: Chic Look, but Weak Pictures

Pocket-size and available in a variety of colors, Kodak's new EasyShare is designed to appeal especially to women. Unfortunately, despite its slick styling and fashinable accessories, picture quality and performance will disappoint any woman for whom image is everything.

An attractive little camera, the V1003 is crafted in eight unconventional colors with evocative names like "Java Brown", "Golden Brown", and "Pink Bliss". The deviceis also sculpted with rounded edges and has an iPod-like texture that makes it pleasent to hold. Still, I found the tiny controls tricky to operate. A 10-Megapixel device with a 3X optical zoom lens, the V1003 also has the standard 2.5-inch LCD found in most digital cameras.

The problem is, the pictures produced by this camera were just not good. My flash test shots were plagued by inaccurate color, and I had focus problems in all shooting conditions. Video was also grainy and washed out. And although the V1003's 2.6-second recycle time was decent, I found very noticeable shutter lag.

It's hard to deny the EasyShare V1003's compelling construction. Even so, style aside, I just can't forgive the camera's disappointing image quality and performance.
Kodak Easyshare V1003: $249.95


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