LG Viewty (KU990) Review: Touch screen in Camera Phone

LG Viewty KU990
At electronic exhibition IFA 2007, Berlin, Germany, LG demonstrates a new celuler phone so called LG Viewty (KU990). Lot people show displeasures of product name which sound awkward. Maybe because its sound is really close to word “filthy”.

But the name is selected because this phone is designed to please video lover which always mobile. Viewty can play and records video files which having DivX format- a popular enough video format for downloading via Internet. So LG equipped it with high speed Internet access through the HSDPA (3,5 G) network, which in theory can give download speed until 1,8 MB per second.

Viewty is first cellphone which capable to record video in DivX format with speed 120 frame per second or twofold speed from a HDTV frame speed. It means user can play cellphone video record in slow motion.

Its 5 Megapixel phone camera supported by Xenon flash lamp (the feature which also provided by Sony Ericsson K810i), Schneidr Kreuznach lens, image stabilizer feature to avoid blur picture as shake result, and manual focus setting.

The camera is providing adjustment of file size, photo quality, ISO, and white balance. The picture quality which produced is as good as the picture quality produced by Nokia N95.

With a addition application, this phone can upload video record directly to YouTube or on the contrary downloading video directly from YouTube. Something differentiating Viewty with other 5 megapixel phone camera is the touch screen feature.

This touch screen feature is alike the screen applied in LG Prada phone. Both interface design also almost identical, has 3 inch touch screen with resolution 240 x 320 pixels, and three buttons below its, functioning to start talking, end called, and cancelation button.

Not merely it touch control, this phone also can give better touch experience (tactile) because adjustable vibrated when touched. Its interface more interestingly when presenting innovative photo viewer mode. Photos in galery presented like photo pictures which straggling in desk.

To see more detail photo, just click with finger or applies standard mode which will set in line photo one per one. After choosing certain photo, user can enlarge or minimizes picture by rubbing finger at picture in screen.

A photo editing application provided to add text at photo, photo make up, or gives other effects. The purpose is providing best picture quality with newest technology to the users.
But, do not only play video, Viewty also play music from a number of file like MP3, AAC, WMA, WMV, and AMR and also FM radio. Viewty can accomodate a number of multimedia files by providing microSD memory card slot which having capacities until 2 GB.

LG Viewty (KU990) Review
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Anonymous Viewty-Resource said ... (24 shkurt 2008 në 7:03 e pasdites) : 

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Thank you!

Best regards,
Viewty Resource Team


Anonymous Anonim said ... (7 mars 2008 në 10:17 e pasdites) : 

for the blog, i managed to find some useful applications and wallpaper.



Anonymous Anonim said ... (15 qershor 2008 në 7:44 e paradites) : 

Actually there is also a rather good sister site,


Anonymous MP3 Touch Screen said ... (6 prill 2009 në 10:14 e paradites) : 

This is a really trendy camera. The inclusion of the touch-screen technology will be highly user-friendly. :-)


Anonymous Cell Phones said ... (22 prill 2009 në 2:27 e pasdites) : 

The new LG Viewty (KU990) seems to be a real cool camera phone with touch screen technology. The phone looks very smart as well.


Anonymous free cell phone said ... (17 janar 2010 në 3:19 e paradites) : 

LG Viewty has a lighter design and slim, and 3-inch screen. LG KU990 Viewty is also supported 8 MP camera, LED flash and Schneider-Kreuznach lens capable of producing good images in dark or bright situations still look more real. The camera phone can be accessed with a special button on the side of the body and can be used in landscape mode and with a built-in accelerometer so the camera will adjust the screen rotation. more LG Viewty


Blogger belly rings said ... (22 dhjetor 2010 në 1:21 e paradites) : 

This a beautiful looking phone and has a great camera. It has 5 mega-pixels which is great.... and you can not ask for more, because anymore than 4 or 5 megapixels is not necessary for a great picture. The same is true for digital cameras. They put more megapixels just to try to deceive the public.

belly rings


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