Qingbar GP300: Multimedia in Video Glasses

Have you ever imagined act like world class spy by using video glasses that is at the same time functioning as monitor screen? The dream now is come true, just buy this YelloMosquito product.

Mentioned as first wireless video video glasses in the world with integrated media player and support from DivX, Qingbar GP300 enable you to do various unsual activities done with video glasses like watch film, look around photo, reads e-book, play music and game.

All of the job can be done because Qingbar is equipped with LCOS WQVGA (432 x 240 pixels) micro display which capable to simulate watching 50 inches screen experience from 2 meter distance. Its way, saves the content which you wish to enjoy in miniSD card, then put it in the memory card in provided slot. Adopts rechargeable Litium 750 mAh battery, unnecessary to runs out the power. Want to use infrared remote control or connected via USB ? Yes its available. Happily, even so sophisticated, the weight is 100 grams only.

Are you interests? This sophisticated video glasses is sold at $399, but the pre-order price at launch time in the December is cheaper, $299 only.

Qingbar GP300 Short Review
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