Kodak EasyShare SV811: Your Digital Frame

In this digital era, pople life style increasingly becomes more practical. If formerly enjoys the photo result must be waiting to be processing and printing, hence now digital photo result directly can be seen in monitor before to be printed. Wish to be printed faster, but if you have many photo collections while space to display the photo frame to in home is limited, hence trying this digital frame from Kodak.

Kodak EasyShare SV811 is photo frame to enjoy digital photo with more easily. Its form of course in the desk photo frame form with cute black trim. As its display, Kodak use 800 x 480 pixel LCD 8-inch which its contrast is reaches 300:1. So great to you’re your photo collection which presented by sweetly rotation in this screen. Seemingly not only photo, video in MOV, AVI, MPEG1/4 format and MP3 file also able to be played in this frame. More, the SV811 also has built-in speaker to make better atmosphere in your living room.

All photo and video which wish to be played can be saved in internal memory (128MB). If you need more, this device is also receive various memory card which is usualy used at digital gadget. This digital frame is also able to read digital file from flashdisk via available USB port. You can also connect the peripheral to printer for directly print photo without needing PC helps.

Seen from its usefulness, SV811 clearly presents prettier impression from merely photo frame because can present many photo, video, as well as as MP3 music player. What a pity this module is not come with battery so that must always uses adaptor when functioned.

Kodak EasyShare SV811 Short Review
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