NetDisk Network Direct Attached Storage: An Unique Data Storage

This Ximeta product is unique and little bewilders. Unique because present 2 alternatif connection which able to be connected direct to PC or through the network. Bewilders because can be conceived as Network Attached Storage (NAS) peripheral or ordinary USB external harddisk.

NAS name called by NetDisk is reasonable, this peripheral offers lot of network data store feature through ethernet port with 10/100 Mbps speed. One of the interesting feature is NetDisk NDAS Bind Management. Herewith you enabled to make a big data “bank” in network with aggregation technique, RAID 0 (stripping), and RAID 1 (mirroring). Aggregated meaned merges all NetDisk capacities become a big capacities drive. So, for example there are 4 NetDisk with 120 GB harddisk in it, with aggregation you has a NAS drive with 480GB capacities. Similar thing is also able to be done with RAID 0 technique, but with 2, 4 or 8 harddisk only. While RAID 1 technique is useful for you which requiring NAS with data backup.

Besides NAS, this peripheral can be used as additional harddisk via USB port, of course with simpler configuration process compared to NAS mode. To get maximum performance, make sure USB port used has USB 2.0 standard.

As external peripheral, NetDisk provides connection flexibility which is flexible and has rich feature. Acronis True Image 9 in its sale package functioned as application backs up.

NetDisk Network Direct Attached Storage Short Review

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