SimpleTech 250GB SimpleDrive portable hard drive: Capacity with Class

Few external “pocket” hard drives boast a capacity of 250GB. At 80 cents per gigabyte, the SimpleTech 25OGB SimpleDrive portable hard drive is among the most economical of such drives. It's also among the fastest, taking 49 seconds to copy our 1.2GB test folder by drag-and-drop and 58 seconds via backup software.

The drive’s speed is fitting, because its case is designed by Pininfarina, a firm that’s styled many Ferrari autos. Its curved design is attractive without being overstated, and the drive is compact enough to slip into a large coat pocket or a laptop bag,

On of its features is StorageSync, a program designed to back up your hard drive, including the OS, apps, and settings. StorageSync is distributed on a 3cm mini CD. Owners of laptops with slot-loading optical drives, beware- a CD that size my get stock, and you won’t be able to extract it. Instead of loading the disc, download the software from SimpleTech’s support Web site. Mac users are out of luck: The software is Windows- only.

The drive comes with a 2GB online storage account, which is good forever. This should be enough space to suite your important Office documents. All in all, anyone looking to back up a lot of files should put the SimpTech drive on the short list.

Price range
SimpleTech 250GB SimpleDrive portable hard drive: $199

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