Prolink PRO201TW: Complete Multimedia Feature

Wide screen monitor era is greeted by Prolink with this Pro201TW product. Besides 20,1 inchs widescreen format, what is special of this monitor is the complete multimedia feature, starts from digital and analogue connector, speaker, TV Tuner, and RCA video-in. Mean, you can position Pro201TW as monitor, television, and multimedia peripheral that is connected with DVD Player and Playstation.

Its luxuriant designs seen in face which using black and silver color combination. To arrange its display, provided 7 monitor access button pinned to display area underside for manual configuration. But if you refuse to get difficult with manual setting its provided auto image adjust and auto color button.

From the sharpness angle dan picture brightness, this monitor looks not bad. The colors which produce seen natural, though its ratio contrast seen not maximum. Its resolution reaching 1680 x 1050 pixels also makes view area yielded seen wide.

If your room is too full with lot goods and you hungers for a double function peripheral, tries considering this Prolink Pro201TW. Besides widescreen, its complete facility is also makes you can enjoy your audio-video briefly and practical. Picture quality produce of course not counted special, but with competitive price, this product it’s good to have.

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