Canon PowerShot A570 IS: Another Powerful Camera from Canon

From the front side, this point-and-shoot camera which also able to used in water (must be packed into waterproof case) looks cool and shiny. In backside, 2,5” LCD fulfil the left side unit. In other side, seen 4- way circle which added by Display and Menu button in the bottom and Exposure Compensation/Delete and Print/Share button in above. In top right corner, side by side with holes speaker, there is camera slider / playback- something fun because easier to be reached compared to previous ‘A’ series.

According to its name suffix, A570 IS has Image Stabilizer feature. So at a low speed shutter (without blitz in dark place), or zoom subject, the photo result is not too blur. Besides in A570 IS, this picture stabiliser facility (Shoot/Panning) only available at A710 IS series which the price is more expensive. In fact, A710 IS feature is same as A570 IS. But in A710 IS the optical zoom length is reachs 6X. On the contrary, movies file size at A570 IS above A710 IS, there is 4GB. Others, A570 IS is supplied by newest DiGiC processor ( III).

Startup A570 IS is quick enough, around 1,5 seconds. The Focus also locks fast enough: 0,1 - 0,3 seconds. shot-to-shot speed is good enough, with around 1,5 seconds delay. But if blitz is turned on, delay can increase until around 3 second. More interesting, there is available choice custom for self-timer. So besides 2 and 10 seconds, we can choose number of shots which will be taken, and how long delay before button shutter is released.

This camera offers three focus mode, one of them is is Face Detect, which now become trend at compact camera. At Face Detect, focus and exposure in one frame will be locked until 9 man face area. If you take no human object, will be applied 9-point otofokus (same as if you chooses On at AiAF option). And if you set off the AiAF, camera will focus at centered of frame.

For object zooming, A570 IS is equiped by optic and digital zoom (4X). Its digital zoom choice consisted of 1,5X, 1,9X, and Standard. At Standard is available Safety Zoom, which will inform (blue colour) when you cross the point where quality of picture declines.

Canon PowerShot A570 IS is compatible for point-and-shoot camera fans which also wish to learn applies manual mode. Its shot quality of earning, including macro, is good: smooth, accurate, rich of color. Besides photo, the camera also can record video (with IS feature). When recording video, you can do zoom, but only with digital feature. Don’t forget to buys recharge NiMH battery and SD/SDHC card because its alkaline battery bundle is expire quickly, while its 16MB MMC card surely can’t fit your desire.

Price range
Canon PowerShot A570 IS: $254.50 to $567.00

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