Canon MD120: Pure Camcorder, Easy to Use

Don’t be confuse although this the first time you operates Canon MD120. Its buttons not many, thus small possibility for push wrong buttons. To open the lens cover, shift slider in lens left side towards under. The next, open 2,7 inch LCD, then push and turning the big button in unit right side to camera mark. Then, use your thumb to push the white button in side joystick to start records. For zooming, use forefinger to push uppermost button in upright side towards left or right.

Differs from other brand which we try, display controller button at MD120 is placed at the bottom of screen. So we have to use both hand: right hand for support camcorder, while left hand does the control: locates left forefinger alongside the LCD side when your thumbs push Func buttons (to shows menu), and movement then push joystick.

Other way - remain to apply both hands - open and turning LCD then pushs until get-together to camcorder body, then did arrangement with right thumbs. At this way, LCD display automaticly will be turned around follows the screen orientation. If do not willing to be busy arranges by yourself the contrast, white balance, or else, select; just chooses Easy mode ( pushs button above unit).

Don’t worry, to operate the MD120 still able to be done with one hand - although, we must learn bends thumb when wish to move from Record mode to Play. From quality side, MD120 is good: sharply and bright. The zoom is also smooth. To stabilize the shake, Canon has planted picture stabiliser which having elektronic character. For you that like to create something different, there is available some scene and digital effect: changes video to B&W or sephia, makes mosaic from image, starts scene with fade effect, and others. Colour reproduction of MD120 can be said fine, although sometimes the red color is overweening.

If uou are a newbie and doesn't require function of camera at camcorder, Canon MD120 may be chosen. Its operation is easy, while the record quality of its good enough. The price - remembers its big LCD – so captivates. Usage of miniDV also give plus point, because miniDV cassette is cheap, and easy to be got everywhere. But this camcorder is incompatible for they who expecting high quality and rich facility camcorder.

Price range
Canon MD120: $340

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