LG L1770HQ: Futuristic Design

One of excellence from LCD monitor is its slim shape, so more efficiently, but LG L1770HQ can be said brings separate enchantment because of its slim. The panel is only has 21 mm thickness, one of the slimmest which you can found. Its screen rest is also unique, because can be arranged the height and inclination with easily. With synchronization of classy black color and silver, no wonder if this monitor got award from Reddot and iF Product Award in 2006.

The front side of this LCD it so minimalists without manual setting button. Seemingly the manual setting button is hidden in its display. Auto adjust image configuration setting its still available even you not guaranteed to like the result. Like other LG LCD newest model product, location of D-sub port, DVI and adapter, impressed restrained from body monitor by the way putting down this connection at bezel backside.

As usual, LG applies f-Engine and DFC (Digital of Fine Contrast) technology to present natural colors which so fascinating in every movement of picture. Movement also seen is pleasant cause 2ms response time and 3000:1 contrast ratio which so high.

As a whole, LG L1770HQ offers accurate color gradation that expressing quality of this monitor. Sweet design, futuristic and excellence of technology is good point for this LCD. The price of course is rather expensive and it’s not having widescreen format but the beauty of the design and technology making LG L1770HQ its good to decorate your workbench.

Price range
LG L1770HQ: $265

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