Anmo Dino AM-351 Digital Microscope: Your Microscope at Home

Sees detail of micro object is not exclusive must be done in laboratory while closed one of your eye. With Dino AM-351 Digital Microscope, you can see micro world passed PC or TV in house.

Dino AM-351 made to see the micro object with more comfortable and easy. Even its display alike a toy microscope, doesn't assume petty its ability in presenting micro object detail. Because of 3 lens micro owned by Dino AM-351, you can see the object start 10 to 600 times bigger than the original. 4 LED is functioning as the object illuminator nor be left planted in this peripheral.

Dino AM-351 has USB connector and 2 port RCA for audio and video. If using PC, you must select USB port, whereas 2 ports RCA may directly be connected to TV or similar peripheral having this connector. Addition power for LED operational is put down by Anmo below peripheral, right on side with LED switch button.

Easy uses and its compatibility with various USB port is plus value for AM-351. Unfortunately, Anmo only supplies VGA camera (640x480) in AM-351. But, the available micro lens we think have been good enough to see object clearly.

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