Toshiba 37HL67 REGZA: Disappoints in Standard Def

More pixels mean a more detailed picture – but only if those dots are driven by a capable video processor. Fortunately, Toshiba's new 37-inch LCD HDTV offers a detailed and colorful picture that delivers an immersive viewing experience when displaying HD video. Still, during testing, distracting artifacts did crop up when I was viewing standard-resolution content.

The 37HL67’s traditionally modern styling features a glossy black bezel with fixed bottom mounted speakers (2 x 20W). Along with the usual selection of A/V connections, the set boasts three HDMI inputs-a welcome sight indeed. You can use these inputs to connect up to three high-def devices at once.

Using a checkerboard test pattern, I found the REGZA to have an average low luminance of 0.15 cd / m² (in essence, its average darkness), with a contrast ratio of 722:1. That's a very good result in TV configured for eye-friendly viewing in a darkened room. Color and grayscale performance were above average, too, compared with those of most LCD HDTVs I’ve seen. In fact, primary and secondary color measurements showed accuracy and saturation almost perfectly aligned with the HD color spec.

On the other hand, my standard-definition video (480i) tests using a selection of DVD movies gave rise to some concerns about the 37HL67’s processing of interlaced video. Scenes containing fast motion exhibited significant combing artifacts, which appear as thin horizontal lines along the edges of moving objects. Looking at the results of my HQV Benchmark DVD test series confirmed what I had seen. Significant scan line artifacts (flicker, moiré. and jagged edges) were plainly visible in the waving flag and racetrack scenes.

Rerunning the standard-definition (SD) tests using a Toshiba HD-XA2 player configured to scale the video up to 1080i resolution showed marked improvement across the board. This indicates to me that the 37HL67 is best paired with set-top boxes that can feed the TV an HD signal-up converted or otherwise.

There's no doubt that the Toshiba 37HL67 REGZA LCD TV provides a compelling set of features for the HD enthusiast, including a trio of HDMI inputs plus impressively accurate, well saturated color. The TV’s poor standard-definition video processing, however, is disappointing. If you plan on watching lots of SD content, you may want to pass this set by.

Toshiba 37HL67 REGZA: $1.199.99

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Anonymous dave said ... (23 prill 2010 në 10:25 e paradites) : 

It's not really worth getting a proper HD TV if it can't do standard def as well. There's not enough free HD content available, and even paid HD content is still relatively limited.


Anonymous Pool Tables said ... (24 gusht 2011 në 2:11 e paradites) : 

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Blogger channel said ... (21 tetor 2011 në 10:49 e pasdites) : 

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