Lock In and Lock Out: Bling Padlock USB drive

For whom that appreciating the safety surely familiar with padlock. Form and its color pattern it’s also multifarious. Securities function and more attractive design, makes many other peripherals imitates the mechanism of this lock.

“Lock In” and “Lock Out” is the new bling and shine USB flash drive that adopted padlock form, the collaboration product between Philips and famous fashion apparels producer “Swarovski”. Interesting, this peripheral wrapped with glamour “Active Crystals” material. This active crystal is the newest collection of Swarovski. This data storage gadget also functioned as cloth accessories or lock hanger.

As a storage media, Philips “Lock In” and “Lock Out” gives memory space choice until 1 GB capacities. With USB 2.0 version, this gadget can send and receive data via high-speed PC.

The unique again, both USB connector of this peripheral can be dimmed to its body. So really looks like a padlock. For securities problem, both inject protection feature via special code (password). Guaranteed, all data which you have saves to be safe from ignorant hands.

The plan this gadget will came in the market and available in Swarovski Stores this years quarter four. Unhappily there is no official release, how much price which gives to this glamorous USB Flash Drive.

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