SanDisk Sansa Shaker: Shake your Music Player

To pleases all fans and lover, Disney returns to holds mutually California multimedia manufacturer, Sandisk. The collaboration product from this two entertainment giants is a MP3 Player called Sandisk Sansa Shaker.

The player designs it similar with drum form with length is 7, 3 cm and 4, 1 cm diameters. The composition of bright color covers the player which having plastic and rubber material combination, makes it comes up attractive.

The Sansa Shaker ability to play music is in average level. MP3 and WMA file its fine to play. More than anything else is supported with internal speaker with great power, as alternative choice besides two ports jack to use headphone.

The unique from this player, to change the song track this player relies on shake method. But play and pause button remain added. Whereas forward and backward song mode can be accessed through controller band which having white color special sign that encircles the Sansa Shaker body. The same thing also applicable to arranges speaker volume strength level, which is turns around the controller band little bit according to icon indicator.
As a connection channel, this player use USB port. Meanwhile for the music file which sent via PC would be saved in internal memory. There are two choices available, 512 MB and 1 GB. Both also provide addition storage space slot for SD card type.

Sansa Shaker relies on 1 x AAA on battery as energy source. This battery can give this player energy to play the song until 10 hours long (with headphone).

SanDisk Sansa Shaker: 512 MB (US$ 34,99), 1 GB (US$ 49,99)

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Blogger said ... (28 tetor 2009 në 8:32 e paradites) : 

Shake technology is a new addition to some mobile phones and also music player. You can also get one at an affordable price like Sandisk Sansa shaker.

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