Nokia 7900 Prism: New Prism, New Technology

Still rely on the fashion, Nokia return to define the second series of the prism collection. This time called Nokia 7900 Prism. Presented design concept is quite attractive, with the similar body dint like prism. This construction added for the first time for Nokia 7500 Prism and displayed on the fashion show on China.

If you see in a flash, the cellphone form not far different compared to Nokia 7500 Prism, that is candybar look a like. One of the different, the top corner of 7900 not rounded like 7500. Because the mentioned, Nokia 7900 Prism seen stiffer. Its dimension even also a little bigger, that is 11,2 x 4,5 cm. Happily, the 7900 is slimmer, the thick only 1,1 cm.

Compared to 7500 Prism, this newest series is able to run in the third generation network (3G / UMTS). Surely the data transfer of 7900 Prism is more faster (speed till 384 kbps). The 2 Megapixel cameras also equipped with a flash lamp.

This S40 third edition cellphone rely on the OLED type screen, which claimed more economize than TFT type. The sharpness is 16 million colors and the resolutions are 240x320 pixels (QVGA). 49 colors Illumination facility is also reserved to adorning the user interface and keypad. There also a living features (wallpaper), cooperation result with marvel. The picture appearance can change dynamically along time

This cellphone also equipped with music player for MP3, AAC, eAAC+, WMA and FM radio. For saving your hundred song and photo, Nokia 7900 Prism only provide 1 GB memory space, without additional memory slot support

To send the data, 7900 Prism provided with the Bluetooth 2.0 and microUSB data port cable.

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Anonymous Anonim said ... (5 maj 2008 në 9:57 e pasdites) : 

Nokia 8800 Arte and 7900 Prism video at mobile zone blog


Anonymous nintendo dsi r4 said ... (17 dhjetor 2009 në 7:50 e pasdites) : 

The only way to displace the battery out is to give the phone a jerk and let the battery fall. I usually let it fall onto my other hand or on soft surface. And I am doing that very often these days because every now and then this 7900 switches off...


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