Blackberry 8830: Roam the Globe Connected

Verizon's new Blackberry is that wireless provider's best business smartphone yet- a reliable PC companion that lets you stay in touch pretty much anywhere on earth.

The phone works in more than 100 countries (including all of Europe) by combining CDMA and GSM calling capabilities. You can use it as a PC modem as well. In the U.S., that means speeds of about 600 Kbps on Verizon's network. You get to keep your phone number, and you can continue to get your e-mail if you subscribe to Verizon's new international BlackBerry data plan. Of course, you'll pay high roaming rates outside the U.S., but Verizon softens the blow by providing 24-hour, global tech support.

Like all BlackBerry handhelds, the 8830's greatest strengths are stability and ease of use. The platform could use a wider software selection, though- especially the affordable Microsoft Office document editors. Still, the 8830 is the easiest, smoothest way to get your work done with Verizon Wireless.
Blackberry 8830: $199.99

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Anonymous nintendo dsi r4 said ... (20 dhjetor 2009 në 9:34 e pasdites) : 

Can any one tell me how , how i can have my 8830 work on any network,,hum??


Blogger sweetyy said ... (5 prill 2010 në 4:45 e paradites) : 

Its the nice model with pleasant features !!
It has good sound & image clarity ..
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