Mediagate MG-350HD: Tough Setup,Big Payoff

By definition, media extenders pull content off your computer so that you can enjoy it on your home entertainment system. Though the setup process can be tricky, the MediaGate MG-350HD accomplishes the task pretty well.

Here's what I mean by tricky: A firmware upgrade, installation of an internal hard drive (annoyingly not included), calls to tech support, and several changes to my PC's security settings were needed before I was set up. But in the end, the product proved its worth. I enjoyed crisp HD content that I first loaded wirelessly to the unit's hard drive via my 802.11g Wi-Fi network.

Wireless streaming of video from a host computer was a different story: Sputtering was out of control. The wait time for transferring a full-lenght movie could be hours, too, but once movies were on the device's drive, they played perfectly. I had no problem streaming audio and photos. A nice Internet radio function that also requires hard drive installation provides access to Shout Cast and Ice Cast servers. A USB connection in back makes for easy plug-and-play of files on a flash drive.

For the patient, Wi-Fi-adept consumer, MediaGate has created an affordable, solid product.
Mediagate MG-350HD: $249.99

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