Samsung i450: Dual Slider Smartphone

After representing their newest fashionable phones some times ago, now Samsung is trying to present the smartphone portfolio. The newest product is Samsung i450.

The design concept is adopting Nokia N95 construction: “dual of slider”. Its mean, the up and bottom folder can be shifted at the opposite direction. Bottom side is present the key pad, while the upper is ornamented by great power speaker.

Do not like Samsung i620 which using Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Standards Edition for the Operation System, Samsung i450 is uses Symbian Operation System 9.2. And it’s including 60 v3.1 series. TFT screen with 262.000 colors sharpness uses as information display, while the phone resolution is 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA).

This smartphone can run in 3G/ HSDPA network, and has two cameras. The main it’s already powered with 2 megapixel cameras, meanwhile the addition camera has VGA type to execute video call feature.

Samsung i450 is provides 1 GB capacities storage media. There is also available the additional microSD card slot to keep your various multimedia file for example video (MPEG4) and song which having WMA, MP3, OGG, ASF and AAC format.

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Comments on "Samsung i450: Dual Slider Smartphone"


Anonymous Samsung Toner Cartridges said ... (12 qershor 2009 në 11:06 e paradites) : 

Oooh LaLa I am Really loving this phone! As simply as it looks to me, I can agree with the world when we say this phone looks HOT! But, what it all really comes down to is reception. A phone can have So many applications on it and do so many things, but in essence the purpose of having a cell phone is to make a phone call from point "A" to point "B" am I right or Am I right? In regards to which company is the best, who knows?! That all depends on where you are and whose your service provider and of course where you live. Because a lot of people who live in certain rural areas don't get as great of a reception as other people do. Do some research and you'll have the best time with your phone, I know I am! :)


Anonymous dsi r4 said ... (16 dhjetor 2009 në 9:27 e pasdites) : 

I want to know that does the Samsung i450 having Mobile Tracker. Thanks!


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