B&W Zeppelin: Stratospheric Sound and Design

B&W’s graceful new iPod dock provides excellent audio, but it's large and heavy. Yes, this Zeppelin sports a glowing LED behind its cloth grill. But for $600, most consumers expect a ferature- packed dock like Chestnut Hill Sound's George, which has an excellent remote that replicates the iPod's interface, radio, programmable alarms, and very customizable EQ settings.

The Zeppelin weighs 16 pounds and measures 8.2 by 25.2 by 6.8 inches (HWD). Though it looks and sounds amazing, it doesn't offer much in the way of extras. There's no radio or alarm clock, and don’t expect to browse your iPod's library on the egg-shaped. screen-less remote. But S-Video and composite-video outs let you view iTunes videos on your TV while listening through the Zep. Bass from the 2.1 system is powerful without getting muddy, and each left and right channel has a woofer and tweeter to ensure that frequencies from the low midrange and higher tight and clear.

The main reason to buy this dock, however, is to elicit oohs and aahs from your friends. Would it cost half as much if it didn't look so cool? Possibly, but you probably wouldn’t have considered it if wasn’t so easy on the eyes. Audiophiles: If you aren't picky about extra features and are willing to pay a premium, your iPod dock beckons.

B&W Zeppelin: $599

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