LG KG280, LG KE500, LG KU990: New Comer From LG

LG returns to add the line of its newest phone to the market. Do not half the battle, various newest technologies is added. The made in Korea Phone three series is: LG KG280, KE500 and KU990.

LG KG280

This phone is the cheap version of “Chocolate Phone” series: KG800/KU800. The eccentric designs plus touch censor technology for navigation button still becoming the main feature. Its construction is also still adopting the “old brother”, slider construction. But bad news for its user interface feature, KG280 screen only has 128x160 pixels resolution. Inferior to KG800 screen resolution (176x220 pixels). Its screen sharpness still 262.000 colors, with TFT technology (Thin Film Transistor).

For network feature, KG280 only run in triband GSM network minus the support of 3G. To vie with other phone of its class, LG KG280 is equipped with VGA camera, Bluetooth connection, USB data cable, and 8 MB storage space.

LG KE500

Still placing forward the fashion side, LG KE500 came with carrying “multi-angel vision” technology. The superb glass LCD (mirror) can show its screen clearness from many angles. The phone screen powered by 262.000 colors.

Not like the KG280, this slide phone has been armed with various newest features. There is 2 megapixel camera plus flash lamp, Bluetooth v2.0 (A2DP), FM radio, music and video player as your entertainment feature. KE500 is also supported by DGE class 10 for high-speed data access. This technology is one step more advanced to GPRS class 10, whish also available in KE500.

Other superior feature is the microSD memory card slot, as alternative there is available 60 MB internal memory choice.

LG KU990

LG KU990 adopts the concept of iPhone and LG KE850 “Prada”, the pretty designs more placing touch screen feature minus the key pad.

As completion of “Prada” series, KU990 is armed with 5,1 megapixel camera. The optic censor is entrusted to “Schneider Kreuznach”, supported by Image Stabilizer feature, autofocus, ISO choice and xenon flash. Similar with Sony Ericssons “Picture blogging”, photo from KU990 also may directly be uploading via “You Tube”.

Besides, the other KU990 feature is: Camera VGA for video call, network 3,5G (HSDPA), MP3/ MPEG4 player, FM radio and Bluetooth v2.0 (A2DP).

For memory capacity, the phone add microSD card slot besides the 170 MB internal space.

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